Smith and Nephew has launched the PICO 7Y Single-Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) with AIRLOCK Technology, in Europe, to help treat two wounds simultaneously.

The solution is claimed to be the first system to include an integrated Y extension, enabling the use of two dressings from one pump. It comes with extended soft port and multi-site dressings to conform to complex anatomies.

It is essentially suited for use on several wounds such as those that occur during breast surgical procedures.

PICO 7Y also comprises a check dressing indicator, helping to cut down unnecessary dressing changes and wastage.

It is claimed to be 23% quieter than the first-generation PICO, making it less intrusive for patients.

Smith and Nephew senior vice president for global marketing of advanced wound management Paolo Di Vincenzo said: “With breast surgical procedures becoming more frequent, increasingly complex, and with more women at high risk of breast cancer choosing to undergo risk-reducing surgery such as bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, PICO 7Y is improving the delivery of therapy for what is currently an unmet need.

“PICO 7Y is improving the delivery of therapy for what is currently an unmet need.”

“PICO 7Y delivers effective therapy to two surgical wounds simultaneously with a unique patient-friendly system, which we believe will help improve patient outcomes, patient management and healthcare professional efficiency across diverse clinical settings.”

This system is the latest addition to the PICO family of sNPWT products.

PICO has been shown to considerably cut down wound complications following breast reduction surgery compared with standard dressings.

In a breast cancer study involving patients undergoing therapeutic mammoplasty, PICO was found to have cut down the incidence of post-surgical wound dehiscence by 75% when compared to standard care.

The product met all regulatory European requirements on 21 August, while regulatory clearance for the product is still pending in the US.