Sparta Biomedical has been granted two new patents for its osteoarthritis treatment, Ormi implant, by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The implant uses a synthetic cartilage, Galene, on a porous titanium base to repair the damaged knee and restore full function. The porous titanium base promotes bone ingrowth along the implant resulting in long-term fixation of the joint.

Medical devices that are used to repair cartilage have seen increased innovation and the UK market alone generated over $2m in 2022, as per GlobalData estimates. Analysis of the cartilage repair sector by GlobalData showed that 37 cartilage repair devices are currently in  development, with 17 of these devices in late stages.

The Ormi device was granted the Breakthrough Device Designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2021. It is a biomimetic implant that mimics native cartilage and provides a smooth articulating surface, thereby, providing support to surrounding cartilage and stabilizing subchondral bone.

The Ormi implant allows for immediate pain alleviation along with full weight bearing by the joint. Early implantation can also reduce the need for time-consuming total joint replacement surgeries.

Dimitrios Angelis, Sparta’s COO, stated the importance of the patent protection stating: “The recently issued 555 and 452 patents underscores Sparta’s outstanding innovation through our Ormi technology.”

“These patents serve as the starting point for a robust patent portfolio, and we eagerly anticipate the future grant of numerous patents.”

The new patents grant the device global intellectual protection through to 2040. The Duke University spin-off also announced its inclusion in the MedTech’s 2023 innovator startup list. Sparta previously raised $5m for an investigational device exemption (IDE) application for Ormi implant in December 2021.