US-based medical device company Spinal Elements has launched MIS Ultra platform of products and procedures, including a suite of minimally invasive integrated instrument and implantable device solutions.

Designed to optimise spinal fixation and restoration, the platform is said to minimise the unintended consequences of spine surgery for patients while reducing procedural complexity for surgeons.

The surgical instruments of the MIS Ultra platform reduce the disruption of the patient’s skeletal and muscle tissue.

The implants balance the loads shared between the implants and the body without affecting the patient’s surrounding healthy anatomy.

Several MIS solutions rely heavily on intraoperative computed topography (CT) scans or fluoroscopy for imaging purposes and subject the patient and operating room staff to radiation.

As MIS Ultra products are designed to require less intraoperative imaging, it reduces the need for radiation-emitting equipment, the company noted.

Spinal Elements president and CEO Jason Blain said: “We are thrilled to introduce the MIS Ultra brand to help demonstrate the compelling power of these innovative and differentiated organically developed solutions.

“We expect that our most recently released products in this arena, including Katana, will drive company growth, as will the next several products and procedures in this series of introductions anticipated throughout 2020 and 2021.”

The Katana Lateral Access System, which is the most recent MIS Ultra platform release, allows the company to offer a complete procedural solution for lateral spine surgery.

It is said to reduce the unintended consequence of approach-related post-operative thigh pain caused by lateral spine surgery.

Spinal Elements plans to roll out additional products of the MIS Ultra platform soon.