Life sciences and diagnostics company SQI Diagnostics has announced that its partner company Microdrop has launched two new direct-to-consumer tests within the imaware family of at-home tests.

SQI, which specialises in commercialising and developing proprietary technologies and products for advanced microarray diagnostics, said the new tests are now available for purchase. One test measures markers for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis and the other can monitor already-diagnosed coeliac disease patients. This complements the company’s previously announced coeliac screening test.

SQI said the effectiveness of the imaware tests has been validated by industry professionals and coeliac and autoimmune medical doctors.

The new RA test being sold by Microdrop’s imaware platform provides patients with the information they need to talk to doctors about diagnosis and treatment. This is especially useful because early identification and treatment is most effective, SQI said.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects 1% of the world’s population and millions of people are newly diagnosed each year in the US.

The coeliac disease monitoring test is part of a service now provided by Microdrop, which allows a customer to purchase a subscription to be continuously monitored at home. This test can help them to determine if their diet and treatment is effective for managing their condition.

The tests will be run using SQI’s proprietary test kits and automated analysis systems.

SQI Diagnostics CEO Andrew Morris said: “Being the technological cornerstone of Microdrop’s imaware product portfolio is exciting for SQI. These two new services from Microdrop utilising SQI technology are a testament to the success and unique ability for SQI to meet the needs of its partners and their customers in the lab testing market.”

SQI is the exclusive provider of the imaware at-home testing product portfolio, which runs on SQI’s automated systems.

More direct-to-consumer tests are set to join the imaware and SQI product portfolio in 2019. All of the tests mentioned are available to buy online.