In a new study, Exactech has highlighted the ability of its Newton knee-balancing technology to achieve dynamic joint balance with a short learning curve.

Published in the Journal of Arthroplasty, the study reviewed the first 273 surgeries using the Newton system. The technology was found to provide the capability to surgeons to effectively attain precise gap balance across the entire range of motion for every patient.

By utilising the ExactechGPS system together with Newton technology, surgeons were able to prepare a surgical strategy using real-time soft tissue data and confirm the achieved gap balance upon executing the plan.

The study evaluated the learning curves related to the integration of the streamlined tibia-first gap-balancing protocol and determined that they were minimal.

Exactech chief marketing officer and Large Joints senior vice-president Adam Hayden said: “Exactech is redefining soft tissue management through technology and innovation and this new research demonstrates the value and benefit of our advanced approach.

“Newton opens up a world of opportunities with patient-driven insights that are designed to improve total knee-replacement balancing and outcomes.”

Newton has so far been used in more than 1,000 cases. It provides predictive pre-resection operative insight, dynamic soft tissue analytics and personalised planning designed to simplify, assess and implement reproducible balanced total knee replacement procedures.

Newton incorporates Exactech’s Active Intelligence technology ecosystem that supports orthopaedic surgeons both inside and outside the operating room.