US-based medical device contract design and manufacturing company Switchback Medical has created a new division called Switchback BioSim Innovations to expand its services.

The company plans to offer functional dynamic biosimulator model development, cell culture services and physician training through the new division.

Switchback BioSim Innovations aims to develop new preclinical models for device testing and training. It will improve the safety and efficacy of the devices and accelerate the development cycle, the company noted.

Furthermore, customers will be able to both develop and test their device through the new division. It is expected to encourage customers to create efficiencies in their interactions with the company.

Switchback Medical principal Brady Hatcher said: “We are extremely excited about this new venture. It allows our customer’s product development teams to get more clinically relevant and faster testing feedback.

“With the BioSim Innovations capability, we can now host development through physician training all here in one location.”

The currently available device test models offer either anatomy information or physiology information. Healthy specimens are typically used for most device testing, preventing accurate human data being used for clinical trials.

Switchback’s BioSim Innovations has the capacity to generate models that simulate pathological conditions that can be repaired by the devices being developed.

The increased sophistication of medical devices being invented requires improved models and training solutions that existing benchtop or animal models do not achieve, added the company.

Biosimulation models depend on the animal and human tissue to create functional models such as a pumping heart with working valves to evaluate a valve repair device or perfused tissues to analyse neurovascular catheter usability.