Synaps Dx has announced that its Discern test for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has received proprietary laboratory analyses (PLA) Code 206U and 207U.

This code set is approved by the American Medical Association Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Editorial Panel.

The Discern test is an autopsy-validated, minimally invasive test designed to enable definitive diagnosis of AD as against other forms of dementia in a patient. It uses a small skin sample of the patient to provide clinicians with a diagnosis that has a 95% certainty.

Discern is claimed to be the first AD test of its kind to obtain PLA Code 206U and 207U.

The PLA codes are alpha-numeric CPT codes that are provided with a corresponding descriptor for labs or manufacturers looking to identify their test more specifically.

Synaps Dx CEO and president Frank Amato said: “With a growing number of payers looking at the cost and effectiveness of new drugs and therapies for AD, as well as indicators of early-stage AD and benchmarks for coverage decisions, PLA codes distinguish the market position of Discern and impact reimbursement.

“Discern is now positioned as a critical, essential component of patient-centric, value-based strategies for providers and payers, with three SDx AD biomarkers that accurately identify and distinguish AD from all other dementias.

“Appropriate medical coding ensures that insurers have all the diagnostic codes necessary for payment.”

The US sees 500,000 new cases of dementia each year. Around two million patients are in the first three years of the disease at any given time.

The use of the Discern test is expected to provide early detection of AD in patients and will facilitate subsequent caregiving.