Synaptive Medical has launched surgical planning tool Modus Plan, featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg, for neurosurgeons in the US.

Earlier known as BrightMatter Plan, Modus Plan will supplement the company’s fully integrated suite of surgical technologies, including its microscope, Modus V, which is robotically controlled.

Synaptive’s Modus Plan software is capable of automatically generating dynamic whole-brain tractography which visually segments the tracts into patient-specific bundles.

This provides surgeons with information regarding areas of the brain while performing surgical procedures.

Synaptive Medical president Cameron Piron said: “The potential clinical application of adding BrightMatter AutoSeg to our offering is substantial. In instances of brain cancer, tumour growth may distort patients’ white matter tracts, which may complicate planning a safe route of entry to the brain.

“Having easy access to quickly generated tractography before tumour resection procedures may be life-saving for patients.

“The latest enhancements to Modus Plan further demonstrates our dedication to delivering tools that assist neurosurgeons in providing optimal care for patients undergoing surgical procedures.”

Synaptive noted that image-guided technology serves as a key component of modern neurosurgical practice, especially when dealing with deep-seated lesions.

With Synaptive’s Modus V and integrated BrightMatter solutions including surgical planning, navigation and visualisation, and an informatics platform, clinicians and healthcare systems obtain the required information to ensure better outcomes for patients.

In April, the company announced its intent to launch a dedicated head Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system, Evry, to offer MRI directly at the point-of-care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre (QEII) in Nova Scotia.

In October 2017, Synaptive introduced its second-generation, high-powered Modus V digital microscope that has a robotic arm to aid neurosurgery.