Synertech Medical has announced the launch of its single-use, sterile Dural Repair Procedure Pack, for use during surgical interventions, in the US market.

During spinal surgery, especially revision surgery, the dura can become torn and can cause cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak.

Estimates show 1.6%-10% of dural tears incidence for all spine surgeries and an average of approximately 3% for primary spinal surgeries.

Synertech noted the chances rise to between 10%-15% for revision spinal surgeries.

Most dural tears are observed between 1mm-10mm and approximately 95% of such tears need a combination of specialist micro-instrument usage, a suture to sew the hole and a dural sealant for closing the hole and avert post-op complications.

So far, spinal surgeons have given favourable feedback on the usage of the Dural Repair Kit.

Orthopaedic spinal surgeon John Starr said: “Dural repair is a necessary and demanding technique within spinal surgery – particularly revision cases. It requires experience, specialised equipment and urgency.

“Too often the specific instruments required by the surgeon are missing, improperly packaged or incomplete. These failings can compromise the repair and the patient outcome.”

The kit has the elements packed in a user-friendly, single-use, sterile procedure pack, thereby making it a perfect fit for ambulatory surgery centres or hospitals.

The elements comprise a pair of 7in micro discectomy bayonet forceps, 7in micro needle holder with lock, 7in micro discectomy scissors and a 6.0 polypropylene suture with round body and ½ 15mm needle.

Last month, Synertech Medical and Orvecare entered a distribution agreement to facilitate the launch of the ORVEWRAP+ passive warming medical blanket into surgical environments in the US.

ORVEWRAP+ is a distinctive, versatile six-layer laminated fabric passive warming blanket.