Japan-based Sysmex’s subsidiary Sysmex Inostics has entered a strategic partnership with US-based Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) to advance therapeutic discovery and development.

The partnership will focus on the commercialisation of GTC’s tissue and liquid biopsy solid tumours as well as haematology assay services to biopharma customers.

The genomic tests to be commercialised under the partnership include GTC’s Solid Tumor Profile Plus, Liquid Trace Hematology Profile, Liquid Trace Solid Tumor Profile and Hematology Profile Plus.

Sysmex Inostics will provide customers with GTC’s tissue and liquid biopsy assay services along with its own products and services.

GTC’s portfolio covers several modalities such as chromosomal abnormalities, tumour cell of origin, RNA expression and immunophenotyping, tumour mutation burden, homologous recombination deficiency, exon skipping and levels of EBV and HPV viral RNA.

GTC’s technology in artificial intelligence, genomic databases and DNA and RNA next-generation sequencing profiling will leverage Sysmex’s global commercial capabilities in biopharma therapeutic development and Plasma-Safe-SeqS technology.

GTC CEO and chief medical officer Maher Albitar said: “The alliance with Sysmex Inostics is fundamental to our mission of democratising genomic testing and making it available and affordable to every patient dealing with cancer.”

The partnership offers a full suite of assay services to biopharma customers to support all phases of the clinical trial process.

GTC and Sysmex Inostics will also work together on improvements and new indications of the tests to enhance their offers for biopharma researchers.

Sysmex Inostics president and CEO Shinichi Sato said: “We understand not one testing solution fits all stages of therapeutic development and it was imperative to offer our biopharma partners GTC’s broader panels for their discovery work.”