US-based medical diagnostics maker T2 Biosystems has signed six new agreements for the exclusive distribution of its diagnostic technologies in Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

The company expects that its products would benefit around 1,170 hospitals in these countries.

T2 Biosystems’ products are based on the diagnostic T2MR technology, which uses miniaturised magnetic resonance technology to detect molecular targets in whole blood samples.

The company said that the process does not require the purification or extraction of target molecules, reducing time-consuming and labour-intensive steps.

T2 Biosystems’ portfolio consists of T2Bacteria Panel designed to detect sepsis-causing bacterial pathogens within three to five hours.

It is said to be capable of identifying 90% of deadly ESKAPE pathogens, 70% of all blood culture species in the emergency department, and 50% of all bacterial bloodstream infections.

The company has also developed T2Candida Panel to detect fungal pathogens related to sepsis.

T2 Biosystems president and CEO John McDonough said: “Our ground-breaking diagnostic panels rapidly detect sepsis-causing bacterial and fungal pathogens directly from whole blood, providing clinically actionable information that can enable changes in patient outcomes.

“With rapid results, clinicians can ensure their patients are on early and effective therapy, including the de-escalation of unnecessary therapy, which can help address concerns with antimicrobial resistance and hospital costs.”

The company’s pipeline includes T2Resistance Panel for the detection of gram-negative and gram-positive resistance genes and T2Lyme Panel to diagnose Lyme disease.

Its T2Candida auris Panel, for the detection of the Candida auris superbug in skin, blood, and hospital environmental samples, is available for research use.

T2 Biosystems products are currently available in 34 countries, including the US and UK.