Health insights company Temedica has raised an additional $25.8m (€25m) in a Series B financing round to expand its real-world insights ecosystem.

This financing round was led by the company’s existing investors, alternative investment firm MIG Capital and a Munich-based family office.

With this extended round, Temedica has now raised a total of $43.4m (€42m) in funding.

The company stated that the funds from the latest financing round will enable further expansion of its ecosystem, which offers holistic insights into care realities and patient journeys.

With its unique ecosystem, Temedica combines its real-world insights platform, Permea, and patient companion apps.

This enables a complete understanding of the care realities for patients.

The Temedica ecosystem combines data from different sources, including patient experience data, insurance data, medically relevant product sales data, registry data, and patient-generated data from patient companion apps.

The insights obtained from the connected data provide real-world evidence data to healthcare system stakeholders, including research institutions, healthcare specialists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, patients, and clinics.

Temedica stated that the information and insights collected are sent back to patients through its patient companion apps.

This allows patients to gain a personalised understanding of their disease.

Temedica CEO and founder Gloria Seibert said: “Temedica’s vision is to make a pioneering contribution to the development of personalised medicine by linking health-relevant data to new, evidence-based insights.

“We are convinced that big data sets and completely new types of data play a key role in this, such as patient-generated data from large populations outside of classic clinical trials.

“These enable a completely new knowledge and understanding of diseases and their actual courses.”

The company aims to make a significant contribution to the development of personalised, patient-centred care.