Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the new Invitrogen iBright 1500 Imaging System Series for biological researchers requiring high-quality images from their samples.

The new, easy-to-use imaging platform for western blot and gel imaging features a high-resolution 9.1-megapixel camera and other imaging capabilities to accelerate and streamline analysis.

It includes the Invitrogen iBright FL1500 and the Invitrogen iBright CL1500 imaging system.

The new iBright 1500 platform expands upon the functionality of the original Invitrogen iBright 1000 imaging system series, which was initially unveiled in May 2017.

Thermo Fisher Scientific protein and cell analysis vice-president and general manager Dara Grantham Wright said: “The iBright 1500 series is powerful and feature-rich while being accessible to our customers of all experience levels.

“The new time saving and error reducing features including automation, software, and imaging capabilities, make it an ideal solution for research scientists focused on moving science forward.”

The series has been designed to support a range of applications and can be used to image fluorescent western blots, chemiluminescent western blots, colorimetric western blots, stained protein and nucleic acid gels, among others.

Popular DNA gel stains can be removed using an integrated green-LED transilluminator, without exposure to UV ray.

Users with routine analytical needs can use the built-in automated analysis software, while the standalone Invitrogen iBright Analysis Software is available for complex and in-depth analysis.

Advanced imaging and automation features include advanced automatic ‘Smart Exposure’ technology to determine optimal exposure time and on-instrument, automatic data analysis.

Enabled with cloud-based connectivity platform Thermo Fisher Connect, iBright 1500 series features up to 4-plex fluorescent western blot imaging.