Thorne HealthTech and biological sample protection company GenTegra are collaborating to develop a next-generation whole blood DNA collection and extraction kit.

The collaboration will use Thorne’s OneDraw collection device and GenTegra’s Active Chemical Protection technology to develop the new kit.

Under the partnership, a new product, which will include GenTegra’s GenSolve technology and Thorne’s OneDraw DNA cartridges for extracting DNA, will be launched.

The cartridges will combine DNA extraction technology with cold-chain-free DNA preservation and lab testing kits, which will help laboratories and users to process the samples.

Thorne HealthTech CEO Paul Jacobson said: “Sample collection is a critical component of delivering accurate test results to the end user.

“From collection to analysis, GenTegra’s powerful chemistry, combined with a cold-chain-free storage platform, provides a huge opportunity for our product to be deployed into numerous healthcare fields to improve user experience and reach more people with the same degree of sample integrity and accuracy in market today.”

The Active Chemical Protection technology can be applied to the cold-chain-free blood storage matrix of the OneDraw blood collection device, allowing DNA to be preserved at room temperature.

In addition, GenTegra’s GenSolve reagent kit for labs enables the extraction of larger amounts of DNA from whole blood collection matrices.

Recently, the OneDraw device received clearance from Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA).

It has already been approved as a Class II medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is also CE marked for supervised use by healthcare specialists to collect blood samples used to measure HbA1c for long-term monitoring and control of blood sugar (glucose) in diabetic patients.