Thorne HealthTech is set to sign a research and development partnership agreement with Arome Science for the development of a new metabolomics test.

Both entities aim to develop a commercial metabolomics wellness test which will assist research studies by utilising Thorne’s OneDraw medical device for at-home blood collection.

The metabolomics test is being improved and validated to eventually become available for consumers.

Thorne HealthTech chief scientific officer Dr Nathan Price said: “There are thousands of metabolites in the body that can be measured, which can reveal key insights into helping individuals live healthier longer.

“Thorne’s belief in personalised scientific wellness and the power of metabolomics is further fueled by our partnership with Arome Science and partnering together to develop a test that can provide an incredibly personalized view of one’s health from the comfort of their own home.”

Thorne’s health ecosystem will be further enhanced through the development of this metabolomics test.

By combining advanced testing and artificial intelligence-driven insights, the company can offer personalised solutions through over 300 natural products.

Thorne HealthTech CEO Paul Jacobson said: “From our near pain-free OneDraw experience to our proprietary microbiome wipe, our commitment to providing a best-in-class integrated experience to our customers is what we are working on constantly and take great pride in.

“As we develop the metabolomics test and work with Arome, this will enable us to further deliver and expand on our promise of deep personalisation to support and enhance the health and wellness of our customers.”