The Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV, has recommended AliveCor’s KardiaMobile and KardiaPro combination as a cost-effective option to detect atrial fibrillation (AF).

KardiaMobile is a medical-grade smartphone-based electrocardiogram (ECG) solution that can be used to monitor the heart at home.

It is used to record, store and transmit single-channel ECGs.

KardiaPro is a web-based portal that provides medical-grade patient data from KardiaMobile and the Kardia app. It helps with the making of clinical decisions.

The Swedish agency has assessed the combination of the KardiaMobile and KardiaPro compared to Holter ECG, the current standard of care.

The combination of personal ECG and software were recommended for monitoring patients at home who have undergone surgery, such as ablation, along with patients taking frequency-regulating drug treatment for AF.

A higher degree of AF detection and resource-saving was achieved using KardiaMobile compared to Holter ECG over a 24 hour period, as found in the TLV’s health economic evaluation.

The use of KardiaMobile and KardiaPro is expected to offer greater benefit at a lower cost. The company stated that the health economic evaluation of TLV will be part of the decision for the upcoming national recommendation of MTP Council for the use and procurement of KardiaMobile and KardiaPro in Swedish clinical practice.

AliveCor DACH and Nordics business director Hans Jaeger said: “Following TLV’s assessment, AliveCor is proud to be able to offer a cost-effective, medical-grade personal ECG, to support remote cardiac care services for patients not in front of their cardiologist.

“TLV’s recommendation highlights the clinical benefit and cost-effectiveness of KardiaMobile and KardiaPro, demonstrating its suitability as a clinical tool for Sweden’s need to support rapid diagnosis of AF.”