Twist Bioscience, in partnership with clinical sequencing services provider CeGaT, has introduced the Twist Alliance CeGaT RNA Fusion Panel for accelerating research in oncology and precision medicine.

The fusion panel is intended to identify ribonucleic acid (RNA) fusions and carry out analysis of transcript variants for oncology research.

The panel comprises more than 150 fusion genes and integrates Twist’s RNA Library Prep and fusion capture with CeGaT’s software analysis to identify fusion events in specific tumour types and detect new fusion events.

CeGaT managing director and co-founder Dr Dirk Biskup said: “We combined Twist’s RNA Library Prep and target enrichment capabilities with our expert knowledge in tumour diagnostics and panel design.

“This is how together we created the Twist Alliance CeGaT RNA Fusion Panel enriching for over 150 fusion genes. This panel is designed to deliver high-quality results, even from low-input samples.”

Twist Bioscience CEO and co-founder Dr Emily Leproust said: “As we expand into the RNA market, the Twist Alliance CeGaT RNA Fusion Panel adds to our growing RNA sequencing toolset, which includes the Twist RNA Exome, RNA Library Prep and rRNA and Globin Depletion Kit.

“It also adds to our growing portfolio of DNA and RNA products that could be used to support precision medicine research in oncology.”

Twist Bioscience worked with major research institutions to develop target enrichment panels for research applications such as carrier screening, whole exome sequencing and cancer identification.