Twist Bioscience and Centogene have announced the launch of three next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment panels to support rare disease and hereditary cancer research and diagnostics.

The new panels facilitate in-depth sequencing on target genes and reduce the need for comprehensive sequencing.

This enables sensitive detection of target genetic sequences and also provides confidence regarding the detection of variants.

Additionally, the target enrichment panels further help healthcare specialists provide precision medicine.

They are curated using the CENTOGENE Biodatabank.

Twist will synthesise the identified sequences as biotinylated capture probes that are compatible with its library preparation solution and target enrichment workflows.

Offered through Twist, the three new panels are the Twist Alliance CNTG Exome Panel, Twist Alliance CNTG Rare Disease Panel and Twist Alliance CNTG Hereditary Oncology Panel.

The Twist Alliance CNTG Exome Panel enables whole exome analysis of genetic markers that are relevant to rare diseases, while the Twist Alliance CNTG Rare Disease Panel offers focused rare-disease-related sequence analysis.

The Twist Alliance CNTG Hereditary Oncology Panel enables biomarker detection that helps indicate a high risk of cancer development.

Twist Bioscience CEO and co-founder Emily Leproust said: “Twist Alliance panels enable research by providing access to expert-developed panels tailored to specific research areas.

“As we expand our offering of Alliance panels, we believe it is critical to offer expert-developed content in an off-the-shelf format, compatible with Twist’s extended custom panel offering, enabling a wider user base for these important tools.”