Indian diagnostic service provider Unipath Specialty Laboratory has chosen the SOPHiA DDM Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) Solution of SOPHiA GENETICS, a cloud-native software company in the healthcare industry.

Spread across India with 40 labs in 11 states, Unipath Specialty Laboratory carries out more than five million laboratory tests annually.

Leveraging SOPHiA GENETICS’ technology, Unipath Specialty Laboratory has introduced HRD Gene Panel, its latest offering in the cancer genomics field.

HRD is caused because of the impaired ability of a cell to repair DNA double-stranded breaks through the homologous recombination repair pathway.

It is associated with certain cancer developments including advanced ovarian cancer.

It is estimated that the incidence of ovarian cancer is likely to grow by 55% by 2035, with the death rate forecast to rise by 67% to around 254,000 patients.

Unipath Specialty Laboratory will leverage the SOPHiA DDM Platform and SOPHiA HRD Solution to undertake HRD testing through its new HRD Gene Panel.

Unipath Specialty Laboratory director of molecular genetics Dr Neeraj Arora said: “We’re very impressed by how SOPHiA GENETICS simplifies the entire process of data analysis with extreme accuracy. They not only provide the level of information and reporting that we require, but they go above and beyond to offer in-depth analysis that can better inform our clinicians and help them make data-driven decisions.

“Through the use of the SOPHiA DDM HRD Solution, Unipath Specialty Laboratory Limited will enhance its genetic testing capabilities, improve disease research and better serve the population in India.”

SOPHiA DDM HRD Solution not only enables Unipath Specialty Laboratory to provide thorough genomic insights powered by deep learning algorithms but also has complete ownership of the data, saving time and expense.

SOPHiA GENETICS chief revenue officer Ken Freedman said: “The implementation of the SOPHiA DDM HRD Solution by Unipath Specialty Laboratory Limited is expected to help with the incremental expansion of HRD research into India and the increase of data diversity, furthering our goal at SOPHiA GENETICS of making data-driven medicine more accessible globally.

“We look forward to seeing how this collaboration will advance cancer research and support the work of Unipath Specialty Laboratory Limited in serving the vast community in India.”

Besides the SOPHiA DDM HRD Solution, Unipath Specialty Laboratory will leverage SOPHiA GENETICS’ exome analysis services with both full and clinical exome solutions, which will help in identifying indication-based variants in less time and with better accuracy.