Vascular Flow Technologies has concluded a strategic intellectual property out-licensing agreement with Malaysia-based biomedical company Biovic to develop the new Avatar Spiral Laminar Flow (SLF) vascular graft.

Under the strategic alliance, Vascular Flow’s SLF technology will be used to improve Biovic’s existing Avatar ePTFE vascular graft.

Designed to eliminate the turbulent blood flow in diseased vessels and conventional prosthetic vascular grafts, SLF technology reintroduces the natural blood flow through the vessel.

The re-establishment of normal flow pattern is intended to significantly minimise graft failure and other complications for patients.

The technology is reported to have been successfully validated on CFD models of fluid flow that were generated using numerical analysis and on FEA virtual models to address potential stresses on vessel walls.

“The technology is reported to have been successfully validated on CFD models of fluid flow.”

Vascular Flow Technologies general manager Craig Dunlop said: “Combining the superior clinical performance of VFT’s SLF technology with a high-performance ePTFE graft, will disrupt the existing market with an enhanced ePTFE vascular graft with unique new features and patient benefits.”

Vascular Flow and Biovic expect to commercially launch the new Avatar SLF graft in the second quarter of next year.

The agreement with Biovic is in line with Vascular Flow’s revised business model aiming for collaborative SLF product development for various treatment sectors such as peripheral stents, hybrid stent grafts and haemodialysis catheters.

Vascular Flow is also working with multiple firms to enable application of the SLF technology to existing products.