Vayyar Imaging and Meditemi have partnered to develop a more intelligent care robot with a range of remote monitoring capabilities, including early detection of Covid-19 symptoms, and alerts for health deterioration and falls.

To enable fast and reliable screening and monitoring for early-stage Covid-19 symptoms, the solution equips Meditemi’s health robots with Vayyar’s 4D intelligent RF sensors.

The robot will perform a quick, touchless scan to analyse the heart rate (BPM), respiratory rate (RPM), waveforms and temperature when a person approaches it within one metre.

The key vital signs and the Covid-19 infection risk level will be displayed on robot’s dashboard soon after the scan.

By offering fast, automatic screening in public spaces with no staff involvement or sanitation requirements, the care robots are expected to restore public confidence.

Furthermore, it can monitor seniors at their residences and alert caregivers in case of emergency situations or health deterioration.

Vayyar Home general manager Ofer Familier said: “Following successful collaborations with Israel’s Ministries of Defense and Health, we are thrilled to be coupling our health sensor technology with Meditemi to provide solutions to bring people back to work and also help monitor our parents and grandparents at their homes.”

Meditemi president and CEO Rafael Aviram said: “Meditemi robot together with Vayyar technology will help doctors and nurses in providing treatment and giving advice to patients without touching or getting close to the patient in order to reduce virus infection risks for medical personnel.”

The companies noted that these intelligent robots can serve as holistic Covid-19 detection solution that will help speed up the return to normalcy.