Veracyte has reported that the latest clinical data demonstrate the ability of its Percepta Nasal Swab test to precisely detect the risk of lung cancer in individuals with lung nodules.

The non-invasive test leverages advanced genomic technology.

According to the findings, the Percepta test offers robust clinical performance for varying nodule sizes and cancer stages in existing or former smokers and those with other cancers.

The data also validates the ability of the test to aid doctors in precisely and rapidly ascertaining which individuals with lung nodules detected through computerised tomography (CT) scans may avoid unrequired invasive procedures and which individuals will require further diagnostic check-ups to get appropriate treatment.

The company has started making the test accessible to a few trial centres to accumulate the clinical utility data to support rapid and precise lung nodule detection.

Earlier, Percepta showed strong performance in categorising lung cancer risk in a blinded, independent validation set of 249 people.

The latest data comprises 63 more subjects suffering with prior non-lung cancers and was part of a planned secondary goal analysis.

In the expanded group of 312 subjects, the test demonstrated a sensitivity of 97% when it classified patients as low risk for lung cancer, in turn helping physicians to avoid unwanted invasive procedures.

Among those patients classified at increased risk, the test had shown a specificity of 92%, which in turn helped doctors to proceed with additional procedures for correct diagnosis and expedite the time to treatment.

Furthermore, the test could detect 67% of cancers in nodules below 8mm as moderate risk. It also labelled all malignant nodules with sizes more than or equal to 8mm as high or moderate risk.

The test showed consistent performance for all stages of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with all the NSCLC Stage II or greater cancers classified as moderate or high risk.

Veracyte chief scientific and medical officer Giulia Kennedy said: “These findings suggest that the Percepta Nasal Swab test will provide significant clinical utility across a range of lung nodule sizes and lung cancer stages.

“We are excited to begin offering the test to sites as part of our clinical utility study and to transform lung cancer early assessment so that more unnecessary procedures can be avoided and more lives can be saved.”