Vigilant Medical Solutions has developed a new mobile app, named Guardian, that provides anaesthesiologists with real-time visibility of critical patient vital signs.

Guardian is a first-of-its-kind medical device solution that sends alerts regarding real-time changes in patients’ vitals straight to anaesthesiologists’ smartphones.

It allows anaesthesiologists to monitor and quickly respond to changes in the vital signs of their patients across several operating rooms (ORs).

The artificial intelligence (AI)-driven remote monitoring app offers patient-specific parameters as well as proactive updates on patients’ vitals that help to decrease the risk of adverse outcomes, such as stroke, postoperative delirium, acute kidney injury (AKI) and death.

It provides care for patients undergoing surgery and improves the anaesthesia practice by providing real-time alerts and enabling quick and more efficient communication between anaesthesia care team members.

By sending real-time alerts to the supervising anaesthesiologist, the technology also reduces distractions, such as noise levels and alarm fatigue, in ORs.

Vigilant Medical Solutions founder Dr Justin Scott said: “The purpose of creating the Guardian app was to provide clinicians easy access to patient vitals, which is crucial when doctors are working with several patients across multiple operating rooms.

“In the OR, every second counts. With the Guardian app, we are working to prevent adverse patient events and provide better outcomes by staying on top of any critical changes to our patients’ vitals.”

The Guardian app offers the ability to see vitals from multiple OR monitors on a single screen.

The company stated that the new solution will help to address current anaesthesiologist staffing shortages.