Viome Life Sciences has launched its new Full Body Intelligence Test for at-home health testing.

The new test is designed to provide actionable nutrition recommendations to optimise cardiovascular health, immunity, digestion, oral health and mental health.

Using microbial and human gene expression (mRNA), the at-home test helps to study the oral microbiome, gut microbiome, blood transcriptome and broader human-microbe interactions throughout the body in unprecedented detail.

These markers are said to be crucial to understanding an individual’s health and addressing the root causes of cancer, chronic diseases and ageing.

The Full Body Intelligence Test provides unprecedented health insights, including a person’s gut health, immune system health, oral health, brain and cognitive health, heart and metabolic health, cellular and energy efficiency, biological age, inflammation response, and more than 50 subscores.

Viome Life Sciences founder and CEO Naveen Jain said: “The Full Body Intelligence Test is a scientific breakthrough. The unique biochemical individuality inside each of us is a complex ecosystem that has remained mysterious, even in the modern day.

“Viome is building a future where each of us has access to insights into our health with actionable and individualised food and nutrients recommendations to regain control of our health and live a longer and healthier life.

“The Full Body Intelligence Test is the next step in our journey to create a world where illness and chronic disease are truly optional.”

The company stated that users will also have an option to receive their custom-formulated, individually tailored supplements, such as herbs, food extracts, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids and prebiotics vitamins.