Health technology software provider Volpara Health has partnered with lung artificial intelligence (AI) company RevealDx to boost its lung screening capabilities in the US.

The strategic alliance comes after Volpara’s recent deal with US-based lung imaging company Riverain Technologies.

Nearly 20% to 30% of lung CT scans show lung nodules that require characterisation as either benign or malignant. This is usually followed by a lung CT exam in a few months or a surgical biopsy.

Lung nodules are also often observed in CT exams carried out for other purposes, such as chest pain or injury.

Volpara offers Lung software, which is an integrated and adaptable reporting, monitoring and risk evaluation solution for the screening of lung cancer. It facilitates patient management, including scheduling and diagnosis.

The software provides structured reporting and more than 40 statistical reports to track patients.

Volpara Lung is designed for automatic gathering and validation of all the necessary data elements to submit to the American College of Radiology Lung Cancer Screening Registry for reimbursement.

Meanwhile, RevealDx (formerly Mindshare Medical) provides radiomics and AI-enabled lung cancer decision-support software with automated analytics for each individual lung nodule.

The CE Marked software uses picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to score nodules seen in lung CT scans. This is said to enable better clinical decisions.

According to preliminary clinical data on RevealAI-Lung, various cancers can be identified earlier with the AI nodule analysis, instead of waiting months for further scans.

The product also lowers false positives and delivers substantial cost savings, Volpara said.

Volpara Health Group CEO Ralph Highnam said: “When we acquired MRS, we entered the lung cancer screening market with practice management software covering about 8% of the US lung cancer screening market.

“Despite the clear benefits of screening in reducing mortality, a major issue those programmes face is the number of false-positive nodules found in routine screening as well as incidental findings. That differentiation of nodules is exactly what RevealDx has been focusing on.”

The companies intend to collaborate on launching an integrated lung cancer screening platform.