Medical artificial intelligence (AI) solution company Vuno has received a US patent for its AI-based medical image analysis technology.

Vuno reported in a press release that the patent is approved for a “method of assisting visualisation of lesions in medical images and a device using them.”

This patent pertains to a technology aimed at simplifying the process of correcting lesion areas identified by medical personnel during the examination of medical images such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging scans and computerised tomography (CT) scans in clinical environments.

Vuno’s technology can assist medical staff in focusing on correcting the area of a lesion by presenting multiple options based on the entered lesion.

It can also improve user convenience as the lesion area can be easily modified with the help of a mouse click.

VUNO CEO Lee Ye-ha said: “The patented technology that has been registered this time is a concentration of VUNO’s research and development capabilities and is expected to greatly increase the convenience and efficiency of local medical staff when applied to major products in the future.”

The technology is expected to be incorporated in major AI-powered products that the company is planning to introduce for medical imaging to the US market.

These solutions include VUNO Med chest CT AI (VUNO Med -Lung CT AI), which offers AI-assisted interpretation of chest CT images and VUNO Med DeepBrain (VUNO Med-Deep Brain) medical device, which uses AI for brain quantification.

VUNO is currently conducting a product-performance assessment for its chest CT AI technology with the goal of entering the US market.

This evaluation is being carried out under the terms of a clinical research agreement that VUNO signed with Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital in the US in January last year.