US-based paediatric orthopaedic company WishBone Medical has acquired all assets of the privately held medical device companies Back 2 Basics Direct (B2B) and Orbbö Surgical.

The acquired companies specialise in research, development and commercialisation of sterile packaged implants and surgical instruments for spinal fusion.

These acquisitions provide WishBone with nine FDA-cleared, sterile packaged, spinal fusion product lines with year one revenue projections of over $12m.

The company hopes these acquisitions will boost its position in the paediatric orthopaedic market.

According to the company, its go-to-market strategy includes the incorporation of ‘Back 2 Basics’ carbon composite biomaterials platform to its product development roadmap. It is expected to help the company deliver a pipeline of ‘highly differentiated and disruptive technologies’ as part of its paediatric implant portfolio.

WishBone Medical chief revenue officer Kevin Blue said: “Our entry into the paediatric spine segment marks yet another important milestone in our company’s history.

“We’re always looking to provide highly differentiated products that deliver clinical benefits with the potential to dramatically improve the lives of paediatric patients worldwide. These latest transactions will continue to position WishBone as the leading provider of sterile packed, anatomically appropriate procedure kits in the wake of the Covid-19 era.”

In a separate development, Theator, a surgical intelligence platform leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, has partnered with the Academy for Surgical Coaching to offer AI-driven surgical intelligence to surgeons.

Under the partnership, Theator will provide its smart annotation and video analytics technology to the Academy for Surgical Coaching to allow surgeons to review and learn from their own past surgeries.

The company’s Surgical Intelligence platform is designed to aid surgeons in obtaining insights about their own surgeries and those of surgeons worldwide.

The Academy for Surgical Coaching is a non-profit organisation that provides surgeons with evaluations of surgical performance.