Indian company Xech has launched India’s first stethoscope steriliser, Xech Sterostet, which uses special UV-C GI technology for sterilising stethoscopes diaphragms of all sizes.

The compact and portable medical device SteroStet does not use any chemicals or liquids to sterilise a stethoscope diaphragm and also preserves the expensive medical apparatus’ longevity.

Using the device, a stethoscope can be sterilised in just five minutes while switching from one patient to another with 99.9999% effectivity.

It also has in-built intelligent sensors to provide safe, smooth, hassle-free, and rapid stethoscope sterilisation.

Xech founder Pranay Punjabi said: “We want to strengthen and support India’s healthcare system and provide every medical practitioner and healthcare worker with a safe and effective device while they keep us safe.

“At the same time, we wanted the device to be so convenient and easy to use that it becomes an integral part of their post-examination hygiene.”

With the Quad-sense Technology and four advanced sensors in the processor, Xech SteroStet guarantees the safest possible sterilisation no matter the size of the stethoscope diaphragm or the angle it is placed in, the company noted.

A stethoscope is an instrument commonly used in any medical environment from private clinics to general wards in hospitals.

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) studies show that healthcare-associated infections (HAI), or nosocomial infections, affect hundreds of millions of patients.

Stethoscope’s diaphragms randomly sampled in healthcare facilities were observed to be contaminated by nosocomial pathogens.

These could lead to diseases such as H1N1, influenza, Covid-19, and tuberculosis, putting both the patient’s and the medical worker’s life at risk.

Currently, hand sanitisers or sanitising wipes are used for decontaminating the stethoscope head but it is not a recommended method as it can damage the apparatus.