Medical devices firm Zoll Medical, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Group, has acquired Cardiac Science, a provider of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and other devices.

Following the acquisition, Cardiac Science will become part of the Resuscitation division at Zoll, with headquarters in Massachusetts. It will continue manufacturing from its facility in Wisconsin.

As part of the deal announced in June, Zoll bought the product portfolio and pipeline of Cardiac Science, along with the company’s facilities in the US and Europe.

Zoll will continue to market and supply the Powerheart line of AEDs, Rescue Ready services, Zoll AEDs and PlusTrac programme management.

Zoll resuscitation president Elijah White said: “We are excited about the alignment of our two companies and our combined ability to place lifesaving technology into the hands of more lay rescuers and first responders during medical emergencies.

“This acquisition fits well into Zoll’s vision of providing integrated, innovative acute and resuscitation care for all.

“With Cardiac Science now part of Zoll, we’ll be able to offer our customers more choices and a stronger AED programme management infrastructure to ensure that both families of AEDs are ready when needed.”

AEDs are for patients who suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), which is a disruption of the heart function.  If a patient suffers from SCA, the organs may not receive blood flow.

SCA causes around 350,000 deaths in the US. The survival of the patient is said to decrease by 10% with every minute.

Last month, Zoll Medical acquired US-based emergency rescue solutions developer Mobilize RRS, for an undisclosed amount.