Biomedical products provider Zymo Research has joined forces with diagnostics solutions provider Burst Diagnostics to continue the development of a new first-in-class diagnostic platform.

The companies will work on transitioning the new technology from a working prototype to a commercial system. The partnership will then launch the hand-held diagnostic testing platform.

Burst Diagnostics has obtained essential tools from Zymo to improve its platform.

The testing solution is being developed to attain enhanced sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities for antigen-based point-of-care testing.

Zymo Research founder and CEO Dr Larry Jia said: “The creation of this advanced and ultra-sensitive technology will transform the industry and significantly impact the healthcare sector. It will enable faster and more precise diagnosis and treatment of diseases.”

The power-free hand-held testing device uses a new microfluidic cartridge that can miniaturise and integrate all the steps usually conducted in a clinical laboratory setting.

Burst Diagnostics founder and CEO Charles Henry said: “The tests we are building are simple, convenient and inexpensive like rapid antigen tests but capable of producing laboratory-quality data with the level of sensitivity and accuracy previously exclusive to central lab run tests.”

Burst Diagnostics, which is focused on revolutionising the at-home and point-of-care diagnostics testing industry, has created a rapid antigen diagnostics platform that enables fully automated laboratory analysis.

Founded in 1994, Zymo Research offers molecular biology, epigenetics and microbiology products and services. The company provides reagents, kits and services for sample collection, DNA/RNA extraction, microbial quantification and identification and epigenetics analysis.