A bad smell can easily cause discomfort. Especially when the smell is indoor, and it is hard to get rid of. A bad indoor climate can also affect your concentration which can cause headaches and working ability.

A healthy indoor climate are essential for your wellbeing, and that is why we like to call our OZ Series the best air purifiers against mold and much more, because you easily can get a healthy indoor climate by sanitize the surfaces and the air fast and effectively.

Even in a well-ventilated room, it may be difficult to remove nuisance mold and odors. With OZ1000 & OZ2000 you can permanently solve any kind of mold or odor problems without using chemicals. Unless the source of the odor or mold is still present, the odor/mold will not return.

  • Ensures healthy indoor climate
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Plug and play
  • UV-C Air Sanitizer
  • Removes odor from fabrics
  • Tested and documented


”As a safety training company finding a product that would protect our clients during training was of paramount importance. We wanted to provide peace of mind and comfort to our training team and clients, so after researching various options available to us we chose the JIMCO MAC500 and OZ2000.

These units ensure we provide constant air and surface cleaning during training modules and deep disinfection overnight for an ultra-clean work environment. The fact they are also environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of chemicals we use for cleaning is also a big advantage. I would highly recommend the JIMCO range of portable air purifiers to anyone for air and surface disinfection.”

– Tom from Safety Training, Ireland


The poor indoor climate in rooms where people are present affects their quality of life and health negatively. It may be malodor from garbage, mold and fungi, cigarettes, industrial processes etc. It is an investment in better personal well-being, better efficiency, increased job satisfaction and less absence due to illness.​

And many more…


OZ1000 (T) / OZ2000

The OZ Series must be installed elevated in the room (1.80 meters / 70.86 inch.) to get the most effective treatment – ex. on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling.

The OZ Series are in stainless steel or coated

UV Lamp​ – 1×16 W / 2×16 W​

Voltage – 230 V / 230 V

Power consumption​ – 30 W / 60 W

Room area – 125 m3 / 250 m3

Operating lamp – 8000 hours / 8000 hours

Length – 430 mm

Height – 130 mm

Width – 130 mm

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