The custom battery pack design and assembly process incorporates intellectual design concepts into a physical product that can instantly power and communicate with its intended device.

The design process allows the manufacturing team and the battery engineers to determine the attributes of the battery design collectively. The design aspects can include the pack’s chemistry, size, and shape. The assembly process is the actual physical construction of the battery pack or charger, which can include a wide range of custom options.

Alexander Battery Technologies has been designing and assembling custom battery packs in-house for over 40 years. With decades and decades of combined experience, our fully staffed electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers ensure your battery packs are designed and assembled the right way from the start of your project and onward.

Innovative Manufacturing and Production Assembly Facilities

Our custom battery pack production facility employs a highly trained assembly and production staff. Our dedicated employees are continuously trained to provide advanced assembly techniques on numerous types of modern assembly equipment.

Our partners include the world’s most reliable suppliers of cell electronics and battery components. With all end of line testing and battery pack calibration accomplished in house, our pack assembly processes occur in a full ESD environment. Additionally, Alexander Battery Technologies can support low and high-volume battery production for many different types of battery pack designs and applications.

Custom Battery Pack Consultation Services

By acquiring our services during the early stages of battery development, we provide direct battery technology consultation to assist with the engineering and design aspects of your product’s custom battery pack. As we focus on all aspects and details of the battery pack,  we fully manage all of the battery design elements of your project. Our engineering and design consultation services help to mitigate risk within the design process and throughout production, leading to a more safe, efficient and effective custom battery system. The graph below illustrates our design and consultation process in greater detail.

ISO Certified for Advanced Safety and Quality Standards

Alexander Battery Technologies’ battery pack design and assembly processes produce the safest and most effective custom battery packs and chargers on the market. We have invested significant resources into acquiring the industry certifications that reflect our ongoing obligation to customer safety and product quality.

To reinforce our commitment to safety and quality, our battery pack design and assembly capabilities are fully ISO certified and up to date with the newest ISO requirements, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. These standards are extremely well regarded throughout the industry and equate to effective and intrinsically safe battery pack assembly processes.