CORE is the first and only wearable non-invasive, continuous, and accurate core body temperature monitoring solution in the market. CORE is redefining body temperature measurements and opening new opportunities for sports performance, workforce protection, and health and well-being.

Up to now, core body temperature could only be measured continuously using invasive methods, like thermometers, probes and electronic pills, and under very specific circumstances, such as a lab or a hospital. Other devices try to estimate core temperature via skin surface temperature, which due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions cannot come close to the CORE’s accuracy and reliability.

greenTEG offers its CORE as a stand-alone product offered to athletes (CORE Sports) as well as to researchers (CORE research). CORE products are also available for white labelling purposes. Allowing customers to customise and personalise their CORE for all monitoring applications.

If you want to learn more about CORE, core body temperature and its benefits in sports and health monitoring, please download the CORE Data Sheet above.