This rugged inline flow switch offers the same superior performance and resistance to clogging as its metal cousin (FS-380).

The fixed-setpoint and simple design make it a dependable switch. The FS-380P is an ideal choice for coolant applications requiring reliable flow detection in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), semiconductor, welding, medical and other industries. With a length of 6mm (1/4in), this quick-disconnect unit has a host of snap-on mating fittings sold separately to fit most piping requirements.


  • Electronic equipment such as laser heads, welders, power supplies, high-speed spindles, X-ray tubes, and semiconductor equipment
  • Bearings or gears in presses, rotating equipment, conveyors, machine tools and robotics
  • Processing and dispensing equipment for water purification and filtering, X-ray film processing, beverage dispensing, chemical additives and gas sampling, distilling