HEATmarker® is a time-temperature integrator that is applied to temperature-sensitive products to monitor the combined effects of time and temperature.

Time-temperature heat indication

The combined effects of time and temperature cause gradual and cumulative degradation of many temperature-sensitive medical products. HEATmarker time-temperature heat indicators monitor heat exposure and provide an irreversible visual signal of heat exposure over time.

The response time and temperature of each HEATmarker make up its temperature profile. The HEATmarker indicator gradually changes colour when exposed to heat over time, and reaches endpoint when it has been exposed to the time-temperature limits of its temperature profile.

Visual heat indication

The indication area of HEATmarker is made with a heat-sensitive material. It is initially light in colour and becomes darker when exposed to heat.

At the end point, when the cumulative heat exposure has reached the time-temperature limits of its temperature profile, the indicator will either be the same colour or darker than the outer ring surrounding it.

Preserve product supplies

HEATmarker colour transitions from light to dark faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures, just as many heat-sensitive products are affected more rapidly at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures.

This allows users to maximise efficiency by using those products being monitored by HEATmarkers that have not yet reached the endpoint and only disposing of those products with HEATmarkers that have reached their endpoint.