Mobile medical devices conclusively improve a patient`s quality of life and are almost invisible to other people, especially those implanted in the body.

The fields of application of implantable medical devices of this type are varied and range from drug-metering pumps to hearing systems. They all have in common that they use miniaturized drives of low energy consumption.

PI Ceramic offers suitable piezo drives: PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators, in particular PICMA® Bender actuators, are highly suitable for implantable medical products, because they can be manufactured in extremely compact sizes, for example:

  • PICMA® Chip in only 2 mm × 2 mm × 2 mm
  • PICMA® Bender in 10 mm × 4 mm × 0.25 mm

Piezo Actuators Meet High Safety Requirements

Especially for mobile use, PI Ceramic produces multilayer piezo actuators in a layer structure containing particularly thin layers: Film thicknesses in the range of up to 20 µm require only low piezo voltages clearly below 50 V. They thus meet the high safety standards for intracorporeal applications.

The all-ceramic insulation of PICMA® actuators makes them highly reliable. Synthetic materials that may release gases are not used. This is why the implanted medical product has no damaging influences.

Piezo Drives for Clean Rooms

PI Ceramic has extensive experience with the specific requirements of piezo actuators for medical products. Especially components for implantable medical products need a suitable production environment. On request, PI Ceramic can manufacture in clean rooms up to ISO class 6.