Mi3 can help you to ensure greater control over the performance and quality of your medical device assemblies. With our class 8 clean room, and our tried and tested processes and equipment, we create high-quality medical devices at appropriate cost – however complex or intricate.

Medical devices that are manufactured from injection moulded plastics have steadily increased since the inception of plastics. Their use has contributed to the reduction in medical costs, diseases and pain management across health services. Pre-sterilised, single use medical plastic injection moulded devices lead directly to increased levels of patient safety. Choosing a partner to manufacture their devices is an important choice for medical device companies since the critical part of any injection moulded device or sub-component is the tool. At Mi3 we believe this step shouldn’t be compromised and we work with highly skilled and experienced tool makers to ensure high quality tools that provide you with long term, cost-effective and consistent production. We have the capabilities to produce complex devices to tight tolerances thus ensuring good part-part integrity over high volumes.

Our team can advise you on your design to ensure all the technical implications are considered prior to making the tools, considering, for example, the most suitable type of material to use, any restrictions on thickness to avoid shrinkage problems or whether the design requires additional de-flashing operations once the component has been moulded.

Improving quality, performance and cost

Mi3 provides injection moulding of plastic medical components within our UK based class 8 clean room adjacent to our main assembly clean room. We believe this allows for greater control over the quality and performance of your medical device assemblies. In house moulding offers better control over the cost of critical components.

Our process and equipment

Our injection moulding process and equipment offers the injection moulding of medical devices and other plastic medical products to extremely high tolerances critical for complex or intricate medical devices.

Mi3’s Development and Engineering Teams work with a network of external tool makers to ensure high quality mould tools at appropriate cost.

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