coversis inspire conductive products

The inspire® brand of conductive films has been developed for the medical electrode market and find use in TENS and ECG (EKG) electrodes, biosensors or biofeedback devices, for example EMG, EEG, EDA and HRA.

The black polymeric films derive their properties from having a high carbon content. The films are flexible but are not extensible, making them simple to convert into the final product design.

A number of standard inspire conductive films have a silver coating on one or both surfaces to enhance the surface conductivity. The variety of products ensures that there is a product to meet your specific requirements.

The standard inspire range of conductive films is available in thicknesses from 50µm to 130µm and can be provided as a free film or on a paper casting liner.

Product features and benefits

  • The films are lightweight, high-performance, conductive materials that are chemical resistant and are unaffected by humidity
  • The silver containing materials provide very good corrosion resistance

In addition to the standard range of inspire conductive films Coveris Advanced Coatings can tailor performance characteristics to meet specific application requirements.