Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series packs a full feature list of control capabilities into a low-cost hardware platform, including the multi-axis capability to control four Luminary Series drives and access to 36 I / O points.



LCMC Features:

  • Four-port drive network hub — Interfaces to an LCSD option card installed on the LD drive.
  • Eight general-purpose digital inputs and four digital outputs, 24Vdc logic, optically isolated
  • Digital inputs can also be configured for use as a master encoder input, registration marker input and position capture functions
  • All outputs can be controlled separately or synchronised to a master and configured as programmable limit switches
  • USB Serial (Port1) software development port
  • RS-232 Serial (Port2) for terminals and touchscreens
  • Line input power: 100 – 265 Vac input range

In most applications, using the versatility of the Luminary Series, an OEM machinery builder is able to integrate external logic functionally into the IIS Luminary Series to realize additional cost savings.