Manufacturing Service

With its two manufacturing sites in Germany and Romania, Bavaria Medizin Technologie (BMT) is able to handle pilot run requests and very high volume product demands.

The company’s manufacturing processes are all validated, from swaging of marker bands through to laser bonding and sealing of sterile pouches. Devices are made according to customer specification and fulfills high-quality standards.

Besides manufacturing, BMT also provides packaging, labelling, and sterilisation of your devices, so you have a finished product that is ready to go. The sterilisation process is outsourced to its partner Sterigenics and this service is applicable to many different devices.

Other manufacturing processes are all performed in-house, such as balloon forming in a wide variety of dimensions, laser bonding, hot jaw bonding, coating, and crimping of stents.

Concerning drug-eluting stents (DES) versus bare metal stents (BMS), BMT has equipment for different kinds of stents. In the company’s dedicated current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) cleanrooms, BMT can coat your device with a specific coating formulation according to the applicable standards for combination products.