Even the most state-of-the-art process, training and technology in the world is restricted if not supported by world-class quality assurance (QA) programmes and frictionless service.

Alongside its continuous improvements in process and technology, Accumold is constantly working to make its micro mould QA more stringent and its customer service more fluid.

Micro mould quality assurance

Homegrown, friendly, outstanding Iowa customer service is what you get at Accumold.

QA is imperative in any micro moulding operation. The ability to prove components are made to specification time and time again is where true capabilities are tested.

For Accumold, micro mould QA begins at the start of each project. The company performs design for manufacturability reviews to ensure the project is off on the right foot. Then, early in the production process, it scrutinises production quality and the robust nature of the process and verify its plan for inspecting and measuring outcomes.

From there, Accumold develops control plans that addresses critical features, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) results, and other quality requirements.

The company is able to use high-tech and low-tech measurements, as well as precision gage pins or high-resolution in-line vision systems as necessary. The company also uses high-magnification microscopic measurements to verify tool and finished part dimensions.

Proper product handling is also a necessary consideration in QA. Surface contamination can be a nuisance, or a catastrophe, for delicate component features. For these types of parts, Accumold provides automation and cleanroom moulding options.

Accumold’s operations are certified to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Customer satisfaction

The quality of the finished component or assembly is imperative, but a perfect project does not drive customer satisfaction alone.

Accumold strives to be efficient with your time, empowering you to scale-up quickly and become an iron-clad partner.

The company has been producing micro moulded components for more than three decades while meeting its customers‘ specifications and expectations.

Micro moulding is where Accumold started as a company, and today (having produced more than three billion components) it continues to be the company’s way of thinking, its way of doing, and its way of life.