Triple mode and packaging designs are tailored to individual items.

When it comes to speed and performance, Dividella’s NeoTOP 804 has a three-fold advantage over rival products due to an option that allows the erection, insertion, and sealing of three cartons in a single cycle.

Triple mode and packaging designs are tailored to individual items, making it possible to achieve outputs of up to 240 packs a minute. In addition, the NT804 provides all the other NeoTOP concept packaging configurations, as well as Dividella’s tried-and-tested quality and user-friendly presentation, the NeoTOP 804, which offers great potential for growing output, turnover, and profits.


  • Lower total cost of packaging (TCP)
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flexible machine platform for future retrofits
  • Secure processes, high product protection
  • High machine availability due to fast changeover and reduced start-up, line clearance, and cleaning times
  • Reduced logistics costs due to flat blanks, mono-material, and compact exterior dimensions
  • Late customisation (late stage customisation)
  • Individual, flexible marketing opportunities and high brand recognition due to both sides being printable
  • Sustainable packaging concept (no plastic)
  • Tamper evidence and child safety features to meet regulatory requirements
  • Improved patient compliance due to clear product overview, easy access to product and package insert and space for taking notes