Many customers want the ability to control costs, risk and lead times and putting parylene in line with other manufacturing processes provides a solution.

VSi is able to support the transfer of coating technology to customers factory floors.  A typical transfer will include:

Documentation and Qualification

Detailed process documentation including work instructions, maintenance requirements and QMS documentation is provided.

The process can be qualified on a pilot line and VSi’s facility to ensure that the process will meet the process requirements. Full qualification for IQ/OQ/PQ can be performed and documented on the pilot line and customers production line.

Training and Supported Install

An important factor to the success of a technology transfer is open collaboration and cross person training. VSi’s provides in-person and remote training. VSI will put customer’s employees through the same training programs that all certified operators and technicians go through at VSI.  Training will reference documentation and related processing techniques needed to for a full process understanding.

When the parylene coating work equipment is transferred, VSi will be there to support the equipment install and ensure efficient ramp-up and execution.