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VACUETTE® CLIX Safety Hypodermic Needle

VACUETTE® CLIX Safety Hypodermic Needle

Greiner Bio-One aims to make the safest products available. By doing that, we contribute to the protection of healthcare workers from risk of needlestick injuries.

This new product is therefore fitted with a safety shield and is manufactured in accordance with the European Biosafety Network recommendations for the implementation of the European Directive 2010 /32 / EU, which is compulsory for the European Community and represents best practice on a global level.

This device is to be used by properly trained healthcare professionals only in accordance with the relevant instructions for use. The choice of two different safety activations methods – with thumb or on a hard surface – makes the product a user-friendly one.

One product – two possible applications

The VACUETTE® CLIX Safety Hypodermic Needle can be used either for venous blood collection of for injections.

Beneficial product features

• Intuitive handling, minimal training needed
• Choice of safety activation: with thumb, or on hard surface
• Extensive product line with further product types available
• Available in 8 lengths
• Single-packed, sterile
• Latex-free, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic
• Low-angle puncture when used in combination with a HOLDEX

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