More flexibility – as offered by the VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder. The safety shield of the newly designed holder can now be positioned in any direction.

As per the slogan “Do the twist“, right-handed and left-handed users can now rotate the safety shield to the position that suits them best.

The rotating safety shield ensures:

• clear visibility of the entire puncture site
• greater flexibility to adapt as effectively as possible to any situation

For daily blood collection procedures

The VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder from Greiner Bio-One is especially suitable for routine blood collection. There is no change to the usual collection technique, and the safety shield is activated either one-handed with the aid of a solid surface or with the thumb.

This product can provide the user with the simplest handling and reliable infection protection. The ergonomic design of the holder gives fingers a better grip for puncturing. The safety shield is pre-assembled directly on the holder. The shield is to be manually activated upon removal of the needle from the patient’s vein.

VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD can be used with either VACUETTE® Multiple Use Drawing Needles or VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needles. Both cannulas have a special needle tip bevel that ensures optimum puncturing of the skin. The dot on the protective needle cap is aligned with the needle bevel.

This serves as an indication of the bevel position so that the user can adjust the shield to a preferred position without having to remove the protective cap. Now available as a complete product with pre-assembled VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needle: VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Complete PLUS.

For detailed information please download the brochure.