The V2811 Label on Web combines printing and reliable inspection of labels in a compact desktop system using precision vision inspection software.

The system can identify and inspect multiple label elements such as icons, alphanumeric text and 1D/2D barcodes. If the V2811 detects an error (for example, smeared print or the absence of data), the label in question is automatically marked as defective to prevent its use. This means that the operator does not have to check the printed information manually and can remove the faulty label immediately. Thus, faulty labels do not find their way onto any product leading to less rework and saving money.

Variable data can be assigned to pre-configured PDF printing templates, which allow for an easy setup and make the system ideal for small print runs. However, larger productions are also benefitted by the V2811.  In addition, the unit’s compact design enables to use the system also in crowded environments.

The V2811 consists of an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC), a touchscreen, a high-resolution camera (HRC) and a printer. It can be equipped with additional automated features such as a rewind device or a peel-off option.

The rewinder is an external device that works well in reel-to-reel label production scenarios. This especially makes sense when labels are not immediately applied after creation and are instead saved for later use in small batches.

A peel-off label option simplifies removal of labels from the web. The addition of a plate to the V2811, the front covering dissolves so the operators can easily grab it.