Visitor Profile at Medical Fair China / China Medical Innovation Forum

The visitor profile at Medical Fair China / China Medical Innovation Forum includes:

  • Hospitals and medical institutions:
    Presidents, vice-presidents, directors, clinicians, equipment departments, purchasing departments, medical engineering departments, scientific research offices and information department
  • Medical device dealers, agents and retail traders
  • Universities and research institutions
    Professionals in biomedical engineering, automation, bioengineering, chemical engineering, polymer materials, physics, machinery, electronics, biosensors and robotics
  • Medical device research and development (R&D) institutions and manufacturers
    Designers, regulatory and registration officers, preclinical researchers, clinical trial personnel, production quality controllers and marketing personnel
  • Purchasers and suppliers of medical equipment raw materials, components, accessories and software products
  • Government agencies and associations
    Legislators and supervisors, tendering and procurement management personnel, biomedical and medical device park managers, medical device innovation services agencies and medical industry associations

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