Boston Scientific's EXALT Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope
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Boston Scientific’s EXALT Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope

The EXALT™ Model B bronchoscope was given 510(k) clearance and CE Mark approval for bedside procedures in the ICU and operating room.

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Single-use bronchoscope


Boston Scientific

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The EXALT™ Model B bronchoscope is a single-use device developed by US-based medical device company Boston Scientific. The device is designed for use in a variety of bedside procedures in the intensive care unit (ICU), operating room and bronchoscopy suite.

The device can perform a number of bronchoscopy procedures, including secretion management, airway intubation, percutaneous tracheostomy, placement of a double-lumen endotracheal tube, and biopsies.

The EXALT Model B Bronchoscope received the European CE Mark approval in May 2021 and was given 510(k) clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 2021.

Details of the EXALT Model B bronchoscope

The EXALT Model B Bronchoscope is the latest addition to Boston Scientific’s single-use imaging portfolio, which also includes the EXALT Model D single-use duodenoscope, LithoVue™ digital flexible ureteroscope, SpyGlass™ DS direct visualisation system and SpyGlass Discover digital catheter.

The single-use bronchoscope is optimised for a range of bedside procedures and is designed to offer the functionality and feel of reusable versions. The speed, efficiency and clinical utility of bronchoscopy procedures all depend on producing high-quality images for diagnosis and treatment.

The device was developed in close collaboration with physicians to minimise scope-related infection risks and improve patient care.

Bronchoscope design and features

The EXALT bronchoscope has a working length of 60cm, with an articulation angle of 180° up/down and a field of view of 90º. It provides clear, sharp imaging and high-powered suction capabilities, which are crucial for the accurate detection of abnormalities in the patient’s airway.

The bronchoscope is available in slim, regular and large sizes. The large-size scope’s suction capabilities make it ideal for individuals with voluminous or difficult secretions or who require blood clot aspiration.

The regular scope’s suction capabilities include a 5mm scope size, which supports typical bedside ICU procedures. The slim-size scope’s small diameter allows it to be used within a double-lumen tube during lung isolation procedures.

The device has demonstrated better suction capabilities in water across all scopes of the same size compared with other single-use and reusable bronchoscopes that have been tested and are being marketed. The slim, regular and large bronchoscopes have 84%, 78% and 40% more suction power in water respectively compared with similar single-use and reusable regular-size scopes.

The EXALT Model B’s working channel was specifically designed with a unique clamshell shape for improved suction capabilities.

The scope controls the device’s placement, while the working channel is designed to provide the user with the familiar feel of a reusable scope. The device is equipped with bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and dynamic light controls for image optimisation and high-quality visualisation.

Benefits of the EXALT Model B

Being a single-use device, the EXALT Model B is easily accessible at any time and from any location. The suction performance across all sizes makes it potentially suitable for covering more clinical situations for bedside procedures.

The bronchoscope is built to resemble the structure and functionality of a reusable scope. It can be readily incorporated into any hospital with access to clinical specialists, on-demand training and technical support.

Its single-use scopes are available immediately, take less time to set up than reusable scopes and reduce scope-related infection risks associated with ineffective reprocessing methods.

The sterile, single-use device is designed to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination between patients, healthcare providers and employees by eliminating ineffective reprocessing.

The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology recommends the use of a single-use bronchoscope when required in patients with the coronavirus (Covid-19), which means that the EXALT Model B can be used in such cases.

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