Homechoice Claria integrates a simple user interface with the advantages of Sharesource, the only two-way online patient care system for peritoneal dialysis patients. Credit: Baxter.
The Homechoice Claria APD system is approved for adult and paediatric populations. Credit: Business Wire.
The Sharesource connectivity platform facilitates on-demand access to reliable patient data. Credit: Business Wire.

Baxter International’s Homechoice Claria is an automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) system with Sharesource web-based connectivity platform to treat paediatric and adult renal failure patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD) in the home care setting.

The system represents a ground-breaking advancement in renal care by offering a more convenient, efficient and patient-friendly approach to peritoneal dialysis.

PD is a life-sustaining therapy for individuals with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), that enables the removal of waste products and excess fluid from the body.

The addition of Homechoice Claria to Baxter’s APD cycler portfolio brings the benefits of Sharesource remote patient management platform to more clinics and patients in the US.

Homechoice Claria follows a range of Baxter’s programmes across its domain of care to expand options for patients with renal failure, including the introduction of CKD&Me and the establishment of the PD Excellence Academy.

DaVita, a US-based healthcare provider, expanded its home kidney care programme with Homechoice Claria APD system with Sharesource in May 2021. The collaboration aims to improve patient outcomes, increase convenience with a choice to treat kidney failure at home and enhance the overall quality of life.

DaVita is using the technology with more than 250 patients across the US.

Homechoice Claria APD system regulatory approvals

The Homechoice Claria APD system with the Sharesource digital health platform was approved in Canada for adult and paediatric patients on PD in December 2021.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) approval to the Homechoice Claria APD system with Sharesource in November 2020.

The approval followed the completion of the payment model for ESRD treatment choices which seeks to significantly expand the number of new kidney failure patients undergoing home dialysis or organ transplants.

The Homechoice Claria APD system with Sharesource received the European CE mark in April 2015.

Homechoice Claria APD system details

The Home Choice Claria APD system weighs 13.5kg. It has a height of 19.4cm, a width of 46.7cm, and a depth of 38.7cm.

The system, with instructions available in 38 languages, is equipped for the automated control of dialysis solution exchanges during the PD in the home setting, including comparable use in professional healthcare facilities.

It allows patients to feel safe and comfortable at home with the confidence of being connected to their trusted clinician.

The integration of Sharesource, the only secure two-way remote patient care platform with a simple user interface of the system, provides web-based connectivity between patients at home and healthcare providers (HCPs).

Using Homechoice Claria with Sharesource, clinicians have better visibility to monitor the PD treatments of patients at home, enabling adjustments in the treatment as required.

Sharesource tracks treatment data automatically for multiple patients and facilitates on-demand access to reliable patient data.

The system leverages the validated performance that makes Homechoice one of the most trusted brands in PD treatment.

The Homechoice Claria APD system is the next-generation cycler that streamlines APD for both patients and HCPs.

With reliable, day-to-day treatment data and analytics, clinicians can monitor patients remotely and make prompt treatment choices while keeping patients safe at home.

User-friendly features and design

The Home Choice Claria APD system is a lightweight, portable system developed for tabletop activity with travel flexibility.

The system features self-correct alarm monitoring software and intuitive control buttons with an easy-to-read two-line OLED display screen that is visible from multiple angles and removes alternative notifications.

The design of the screen was updated to enhance viewing from different angles, and the screen size is 100% larger than the international screen size.

It provides information to patients before, during and after treatment.

Home Choice Claria APD is also fitted with an auto-dim screen, which supports better sleep.

Features of Homechoice Claria APD system for safety and flexibility

Homechoice Claria APD system has specialised drain logic “standard” and “low-fill” specific modes, as well as a designated nurse menu.

The system has permissible ranges and a default setting for tidal therapies and Smart Dwells for improving dialysis time.

The system is designed with logarithms programmed to reduce increased intraperitoneal volume and notify the prescriber.

Multiple programming choices and variable settings enable treatment programmes to be customised according to the needs of patients.

The system features a clinical portal intended to close the gap between the hospital and the home by providing online monitoring of patient treatment.

MyClaria app

MyClaria is a web-based application that assists patients every step of the way, from setting up and troubleshooting alarms to completing the therapy.

It provides a 24/7 Live Chat feature for technical assistance, so patients never feel alone.

The app is available in English and Spanish but is not intended to be used as a systematic training tool.

MyClaria should be used only as a reference guide for patients and their assigned caregivers who are already trained in using the Homechoice Claria APD System.