Motive™ Knee muscle stimulation device was developed by Motive Health. Credit: Motive Health.
The Motive™ Knee device is designed to reduce knee pain by strengthening the quadriceps muscles. Credit: New Africa/
MyMotive App allows users to personalise their therapy levels based on their specific needs. Credit: Gargonia/

Motive Knee is the first and only FDA-approved muscle stimulation device for knee pain in the US. Developed by Motive Health, a medical technology company based in the US, the device was launched in July 2023 and can be used without a prescription.

It is clinically proven to offer lasting relief from knee pain, stiffness, swelling and discomfort within the first 90 days of use.

The device serves as a non-invasive and non-opioid knee pain management solution to reduce knee pain associated with arthritis.

Motive Knee device design and features

The Motive Knee muscle stimulation device comprises the Motive device, a knee wrap, re-usable therapy pads, conductive gel and a charging cable. It is designed as a lightweight and easy-to-use wearable device intended for knee pain management.

The Motive device is the main component of the therapy system that delivers electrical stimulation to the knee directly. It can be charged using the charging cable.

The specially designed therapy pads are placed on the front of the thigh to deliver the therapy from the Motive device to the quadriceps muscles. Each therapy pad can be used for up to 14 uses.

The knee wrap encloses the therapy pad and covers the quadriceps muscles to ensure optimal positioning and compression. It features elastic straps that offer a comfortable fit for different thigh sizes.

The conductive gel is a salt-free and hypoallergenic optional gel designed to increase user comfort by hydrating the skin below the therapy pad.


The Motive Knee muscle stimulation device operates by delivering patented and FDA-cleared neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in the form of electrical pulses to stimulate muscle movement, effectively strengthening the quadriceps and alleviating knee joint pressure.

The electrical pulses generated by the device are delivered to the quadriceps muscles through the therapy pads and cause involuntary muscle contractions that mimic the natural process of muscle activation during physical exercise.

By repeatedly activating and contracting the quadriceps muscles, the therapy helps in strengthening them over time.

The stimulation device can be paired with the MyMotive App, which allows users to personalise their therapy levels based on their specific needs and comfort levels. The app also enables users to monitor their progress and track improvements over time.

Clinical trials on Motive Knee device

Motive Knee was evaluated in a randomised, double-blind, multicentre trial involving 156 patients with knee osteoarthritis.

The patients were divided into two groups, with one group receiving home-based NMES therapy and the other receiving a modified low-voltage NMES therapy.

The study had a 12-week follow-up period, during which outcome measures were collected. The results suggested that the home-based NMES therapy provided a meaningful reduction in knee pain, stiffness and functionality for knee osteoarthritis patients.

Following the completion of the parent study, 64 out of the 253 patients with knee osteoarthritis were enrolled in a 14-week extension study during which the patients continued to receive therapy through either the home-based NMES or a low-voltage version NMES.

Two 20-minute NMES sessions were conducted daily for five days per week and the patients’ compliance with NMES therapy was monitored through a mobile app and a remote portal.

Use of the NMES therapy for an additional 14 weeks provided notable and clinically meaningful pain relief for patients who were fully compliant with NMES.

Another controlled trial involving 66 patients was conducted in post-knee replacement surgery patients who experienced significant improvement in quadriceps strength and mobility after three, six and 12 weeks of surgery.


An estimated one in four adults in the US suffers from knee pain from numerous factors, although weak quadriceps muscles have been identified as one of the primary causes. Knee pain causes people to limit exercise and reduce movement, which further weakens the quadriceps muscles leading to less support around the knee joint.

Motive Knee helps in strengthening the quadriceps muscles, which is key in maintaining function and managing knee pain. Unlike devices that offer temporary pain relief, Motive Knee’s unique muscle therapy focuses on reducing knee pain and stiffness and improving mobility without the use of drugs, braces, injections or surgery